You may be frustrated as to the slowness in hearing back from the Trademark Office after you have submitted your application for trademark registration. Previously, my experience had been that it took 3 to 4 months initially to hear from the assigned examiner. However, lately I am experiencing 7+ month delays. Also, there has been a slowup in examiner follow-ups to applicant responses to Office Actions.
According to the USPTO, the delays are due to an unprecedented number of applications being filed. I gather that until the backlog is cleared, the slow response times will continue. As this situation is outside of your control, patience is the rule. However, to better assure the ultimate success of your application, do your homework and adopt the strongest mark that you can.
A “strong” mark has the characteristics of not being a generic statement or merely a description of your goods or services. In the long run, the more imaginative your selection, the more likely your mark will register and you will be in the best position to protect it.