Confidential Information

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Trade Secrets In A Competitive Market

A business relies on its confidential information, also known as trade secrets, to compete effectively in the market place. The confidential information need not be new or extraordinary to qualify for trade secret protection. It is any valuable information you may have accumulated, discovered, developed or generated in connection with the operation of your business which is not generally known and for which you have taken reasonable steps to preserve the secrecy.

Confidential information can be your customer and supplier lists, business and marketing plans, price lists, software developed for you, internal procedures you have developed and techniques and systems. Not only do you want to be sure that your trade secrets remain secret when an employee leaves, but also when you enter discussions with suppliers, independent contractors, and potential buyers of your business.

Through her comprehensive review and drafting of non-disclosure agreements or NDAs that affect confidential information, Ms. Berschler looks out for her client’s best interests.