Safeguarding Your Ideas

Because intellectual property is intangible and not like physical property such as real estate or a car, it can be hard to safeguard from infringement, misuse, or theft. With her extensive experience of working with business and non-profit clients throughout the Washington, DC, metro area and internationally, Barbara Berschler offers guidance in the identification of intellectual property rights, in the obligations required when using IP, and in ways to protect or defend against claims of infringement.

Because your copyright protected works, trademarks, trade secrets contribute to the economic value of your business, you want to know the answers to such questions as: How do intellectual property rights come into existence? Who owns the IP rights? How can you properly make use of your intellectual property? What happens if someone infringes on your intellectual property? What do you do if you are accused of infringing on the intellectual property of another? Do you have a comprehensive non-disclosure agreement or NDA in place with respect to your employees, contractors, customers? Are your intellectual property licensing agreements comprehensive? These are the kinds of questions attorney Ms. Berschler will help you answer.

Most intellectual property rights are regulated by licensing agreements which identify what rights a licensee can exercise and what rights the licensor has retained. With her careful drafting and review of licensing agreements, Ms. Berschler enables her clients to achieve the proper balance between rights and responsibilities in their use of intellectual property.

With three decades of legal experience and an eye on current legal trends, Ms. Berschler offers guidance in all aspects of intellectual property rights for such clients as:

  • Software Companies
  • Financial Institutions
  • Technology Companies
  • Public Relations Companies
  • Not-for Profit
  • Organization Artists
  • Writers
  • Musicians
  • Web and App Designers


The “Business Owner’s Guide to Intellectual Property” provides an understandable explanation of various forms of Intellectual Property which may be encountered by business owners and individual creators of intellectual property, such as artists, writers, filmmakers, software developers.

The Guide examines such issues as: Who owns the IP? How is IP created? What is “fair use?” How to protect trade secrets? If you would like to receive a free copy of the Guide, place your request, and Barbara Berschler will be pleased to see that you receive it.