Domestic Representative

Getting to the Heart of Your Matter

For Foreign Trademark Owners Needing to Designate a Domestic Representative

All companies not located in the United States who have or wish to obtain federal registration protection for their trademarks are required by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to appoint a person who is a resident of the United States to act as their Domestic Representative.

International Companies

The principal responsibility of the Domestic Representative is to provide you with notices and other legal process that may be served in proceedings which will affect your trademark.  Failing to name such a person means that such notice will be delivered to an employee working at the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Given such a method of service, there is no assurance that you will learn of the proceedings in enough time to respond.  However, if you design a Domestic Representative, any party must serve that Representative with the papers.  You, in turn, can receive timely notice of the action affecting your mark and take appropriate action.

Barbara Berschler offers personalized service to foreign companies needing to appoint a Domestic Representative. The fee for basic Domestic Representative services is $300.00 per year.  Please call our office if you have special needs or require additional information.